May 30, 2001

Dear Jan,

I want to thank you for the nutritional counsel that you have given me and my family members for the past several years. Whenever I have had a question or a nutritional "challenge," you have always promptly responded to my need with accurate and helpful information. I like your biochemical approach, because it is much more specific than the generalizations so often given in the nutritional realm. I can't thank you enough for the information that you have provided me with. I have become more educated and more healthy, thanks to your help!

This past year has been especially challenging for me, since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband and I were faced with having to make very serious decisions, under a great deal of stress, within a very short amount of time. When we were reeling from the shock of the diagnosis, you helped us to process all the information we were receiving from the many doctors who were advising us. Your steady encouragement and clear-cut, up-to-date information helped my husband and I to make wise choices.

While recovering from surgery, I appreciated your advise on safe, natural alternatives to narcotic pain relievers. In fact, I was told that I used 1/10th of the normal amount of pain relievers used by most patients! Thanks also, for the counsel you gave me while I was going through chemo. The supplements you advised me to take really helped my body to cope with the side effects of chemo. In fact, one doctor commented that my liver seemed to have suffered no damage, and I attribute that to the milk thistle you advised me to take.

Thanks so much for all of your help! I will be consulting with you in the future!

Love and appreciation,

Julie W.
Ozark, MO


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